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Standing with Israel - for Your sake


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By Yachad Scotland, Nov 2 2017 09:14PM

Hatikvah Films is due to launch the latest production in December this year.


This documentary film traces the rise and fall of the British Empire as it intertwines with Britain’s complex historical relationship with the Jewish People. What was Britain’s role in the re-birth of Israel in her historic homeland? How did Britain’s rich Christian heritage intersect with geo-political factors surrounding the First and Second World War? Did Britain’s destiny end in a forsaken promise?


This is a chance to get your order in now.

Visit - https://ao.vision/product/cyrus-nations-uk/

P.S. Due in 2018: Cyrus Nations? USA

By Yachad Scotland, Oct 24 2017 05:49PM

The following four YouTube videos are from secular sources and are unrelated - other than all four deal with Israel.

Grab a cup of coffee and sit yourself down.

1. The best unbiased summary view (by far, that I have come across) of the background to the modern Middle East and the Israel/Palestine question. It comes from a young geopolitical guy in Azerbaijan called Shirvan Neftchi.

If you are at all interested in what is going on across the world I would recommend his Caspian Report site.

Origins of Israel/Palestinian Conflict - click here