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Israel: God's Perspective

a Scottish Tour by

Dr. Paul Wilkinson  

10 - 16 March,  2013

Paul Wilkinson


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Christian Palestinianism 

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Paul Wilkinson BSc BA (Hons) MA PhD

Paul Wilkinson will be speaking on how Israel is viewed in the church, in the world and supremely under God. He will cover what he has dubbed 'Christian Palestinianism' which harbours an anti-Israel sentiment. He writes:

"Christian Palestianism is effectively an inverted mirror image of biblical Christian Zionism, whereby all the basic elements [of the Bible's teaching on the latter] are reversed."


Dr. Paul Wilkinson is an associate minister at a church in Stockport, Cheshire. He is a researcher and published author and international conference speaker on the subject of God's declared purposes for the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

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