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Standing with Israel - for Your sake


A trailer for the documentary 'From Exile to Restoration', produced by Hatikvah Film Trust.

It tells the same story as its sister film

"The Destiny of Britain" but with a greater emphasis on the history and geopolitics that led to the Balfour Declaration of 1917

Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence?

A trailer for Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence? is a trilogy of documentary films currently in production and is being presented by Lance Lambert.


In the three documentaries he examines the destiny of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the purposes of God to redeem a fallen world through the Seed of Abraham.

From Exile to Restoration

The Destiny of Britain

A trailer for the documentary 'The Destiny of Britain', produced by Hatikvah Film Trust.


The film documents the background to the Balfour Declaration and the beginning of British rule over the historic Land of Israel. During the previous three centuries a broad vision developed in the Church in Great Britain for the full restoration of the Jewish people, which included their return to their Biblical homeland.

The videos of The Destiny of Britain, From Exile to Restoration, and The Forsaken Promise can be purchased on the

Hatikvah Film Trust website.