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The Life of Hansie Douglas

This talk was given to a small group of people in the village of Avoch in the Scottish Highlands in 2018. Johanna-Ruth Dobschiner (known as 'Hansie' fled her native Germany to Holland to escape the Nazi Holocaust. In from December 1942 to 1994 she came to know God in her life through Jesus Christ.

Hansie's parents were among over 100,000 Dutch Jews murdered during the Nazi occupation.


She came to Scotland in 1946 and studied for two years at the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow. She married a Scot - Donald Douglas - and their daughter Anne became a consultant psychiatrist in Glasgow. Dorothy married and went to live in Australia. Hansie died of cancer in Glasgow in 2002 aged 76. Her faith never changed from the basic beliefs that she had come to on Easter Monday 1944.


Her book 'Selected to live' has been translated into ten languages. It has rarely been out of print since first published in 1969. It presents a vivid picture of Nazi-occupied Holland, and a gripping pen-portrait of a resilient young woman trying to avoid death as a consequence of one of the greatest crimes in history.